Holistic Injury Recovery Clinic for Acute, Chronic and Nerve Pain

Your physical body and emotions are intrinsically linked, SCENAR therapy for pain relief builds resilience hope and connection to wellbeing.

Join us in beautiful Byron Bay this Spring

Professional training in the use of all SCENAR device models.


Welcome to the healing therapy of the future using frequency for pain management and recovery.

Trainer Anna Heiskari is an experienced practitioner, and educator in the field of interactive biofeedback  neuro-stimulation therapy. With over 30 years clinical experience in pain relief therapy, Anna has earned a reputation for outstanding results using SCENAR technology as a stand-alone treatment modality. Anna has fused Applied Kinesiology and Acupuncture with SCENAR technology and created a powerful simple tool she wants to share with you . Training includes pdf of course content and templates/notes , Certificate , Lunch and refreshments are provided. 

Restorative application techniques to increase range in movement , strength and balance.

' Mind Body Connection ' 2022 Workshops

   January 29th Mind Body Connection I 

 January 30th Mind Body Connection II

   February 12th Mind Body Connection III

 February 13th Mind Body Connection IV   

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