Fusion of Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology with SCENAR technology

December 3 rd 'Activating the Healing Programme' Introduction

One-day introductory workshop. Using Source acupuncture points, to lengthen and strengthen the meredians, unblocking qi energy whereby activating a healing response. Simple effective method for pain relief, and restoreing range in movement. Workshop covers Central Vessel and Governing Vessel stretch* Diaphragm Release * Frozen Shoulder Release* and the 9 Healing factors. Suitable for both home and professional device. Next Workshop : February 2023

November 19th ' Mind Body Connection I.'

Mind Body Connection I workshop will provide you with the basic skills of Muscle Testing/Monitoring ( Applied Kinesiology) You will learn how to use the Behavioural Barometer (One Brain) helping your clients discover the direct connection between their emotional trauma and their physical health symptoms.  

Next Workshop : March 2023 (8.30 am to 4 pm ) 

November 20th ' Mind Body Connection II '

You will learn *Two additional indicator Muscle Testing techniques. *Method for circuit locating, and putting information into circuit .*Brain Integration techniques to enhance learning and sharpen the mind * Lower back stabilisation method. Prerequisite Mind Body Connection I or Touch for Health I.

Next Workshop : March 2023 

December 10th ' Mind Body Connection III '

You will learn * Method for surrogate testing infants, people that are frail or absent, and pets *Allergies / Testing for foods and supplements.*Muscle Testing techniques and correction points using leg muscles.*Brain Integration technique to enhance learning and sharpen the mind*. Prerequisite Mind Body Connection I or Touch for Health I.

Next Workshop : March 2023

December 11th' Mind Body Connection IV '

Research has found that the heart actually transmits more information up to the brain than the brain sends information down to the heart. This heart information is used by the brain to make choices, especially strategic thinking, reaction times and self- regulation.

Therefore, when your heart is in a coherent state it will impact on your thinking, your dececisions and the way you live your life. Introducing ‘Mind Body Connection IV ,The Heart ’ Once you know this information and correction techniques of The Heart, you can never unknow it and it will become a new way of living, breathing and serving your clients ! Prerequisite : Mind Body Connection I , or Touch For Health I .

Next Workshop : March 2022 

December 17th Balancing the Nervous System Healing the spine. 18th Pain Relief for Seniors

17th  : You will need a professional device , workshop covers anatomy of the spine, application methods for *Sciatica *Piriformis Syndrome *Lower back injuries *Thoracic Pain *Neck Pain *Chronic back pain management.

Next workshop : May 2023

 18th : You will learn effective pain relief methods for common conditions affecting seniors. Home device setting guidelines and techniques using conductive gloves, for joint and muscle pain, Meridian flow technique for ROM and balancing the walking gates. Relief method for Occipital Neuralgia.

Next workshop May 2023

November 27th ' Happy Healthy Dogs '

SCENAR Therapy application and setting guidelines for common health conditions affecting dogs. Anna is a pedigree dog breeder and trainer, passionate about passing on her skills and experience . ‘Happy Healthy Dogs’ is a one day workshop in providing you with effective application methods for Canine pain relief, recovery from surgery, injury, and trauma . Discover holistic new skills to maintain health and wellbeing of your best friend . All you need is a home device , no other prerequisites are required. Workshop is held at SCENAR Byron Bay .My fur kids Mimi,Picasso and Pippa will be your volunteers to practice on for the day.

Next Workshop: April 2023

February 2023 SCENAR therapy for Horses

SCENAR therapy for Horses Workshop provides you with skills and methods to assist recovery from injury and pain , SCENAR improves range in movement and the health and wellbeing of your horse .Next clinic/workshop will be held at “Seahorses” located 10 minutes north of Byron Bay. This is a practical hands on training workshop with plenty of time to practice. Suitable for both home or the professional device. The horses are provided by Jo-Ann the owner of Seahorses. Further details are available upon booking : Cost $340. Workshop includes Manual, Certificate and a healthy lunch.