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The objective of natural healing is to assist the body to heal itself , this is the ” fundamental base of my training programme”. Neuro-stimulation using a SCENAR or similar device not only provides direct therapeutic relief for all types of pain, but also activates the natural healing defences of the body. The effect is achieved through stimulation of trigger points on the skin surface as revealed and guided by the actions of the application. Impulses stimulate neural pathways via these active points restoring communication of homeostatic interrelationships between the body systems. Bio-feedback neuro-stimulation combined with Applied Kinesiology is an effective, non-invasive and advanced restorative form of electro-therapy not only for chronic pain, injury and repair but in restoring energy and balance. In my experience by stimulating the body’s own inherent self healing mechanism via neuro-reflex and acupressure points we can influence the mind body connection to improve range in movement, gain awareness and control of our emotional wellbeing and health. Courses and Workshops: SCENAR Byron Bay provides regular training workshops in the use and application of both the professional and personal/home SCENAR or similar interactive bio feedback device. You learn simple yet very effective techniques to assist and speed up the body’s process into recovery. The treatment protocols and methods are specific to health conditions that effect people of all ages today. The training courses are designed to provide new skills for practitioners to further enhance client/patient outcome and success. Regular one day workshops are also held to provide a greater understanding in the use settings for those with a personal/home device. The methods can be used in combination with other complimentary health modalities and in combination with medication.Passionate about what makes people optimally healthy and what predisposes them to illness. I would like to present a journey of how the emotions are the link, the key to our health. How active points influence the ANS, and the breathing centre regulates peptides that cascade all the way down the spinal column. I would like to share my insight and demonstrate exciting new application technique that bring outstanding results, are effective and simple to learn. © Anna Heiskari



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SCENAR Therapy is a unique and revolutionary therapy for all types of pain and injuries. SCENAR therapy works two ways to promote rapid healing and provide pain relief, even with stubborn and chronic pain. The interactive electro therapy device uses advanced medical technology to send signals from the the site of Pain or Injury directly to the brain.. The electromagnetic signal travels along nerve fibres ( ” C ” fibres ) to the brain , resulting in the production off neuropeptides which rapidly support advances healing . SCENAR therapy also triggers the brain to release powerful pain relieving substances called Endorphins into the blood stream .

Disclaimer: The purpose of this information is to describe the technology, use, safety and effectiveness of SCENAR therapy and should not be considered complete or take the place of a consultation with a physician or competent healthcare professional for medical diagnosis and or treatment/training. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information .Anna Heiskari collector of this information disclaims any responsibility for any results of the application. No information is intended or should be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. The information contained is based on research and anecdotal experience carried out by Russian scientists and the founders of SCENAR therapy, Y. Gorfinkel, A. Revenko, and Y. Grinberg.

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