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Sport Injury


2-day Training Course $750 

Therapy Guidelines      


Setting Guidelines and Types of Pain

 Dynamic Pain relief method

 Tight Iliotibial band release

 Knee Injuries, 

 Lower leg, ankle and foot Injury

Neck Injuries

Hamstring Injuries and Quadricep Injury

 Shoulder and Elbow Injury,

 Lower Back Injury

 Hip Injury & Sciatica 

 5 Element Balance

 Origin and Insertion Technique 

 Balancing techniques .

 Includes Manual , Certificate , Lunch and refreshments.


Activating the Healing Programme

June 22nd and 23rd 

October 5th and 6th 

Cost: $650 

The method involves using the Source points and pranayama breathing technique to lengthen and strengthen the corresponding meridian , unblocking qi/energy, where by activating a healing response, relieving pain and stiffness, increaseing ROM .

One or more of 9 Healing factors are used as a primary goal. Prerequisite Introduction to ‘Activating the Healing Programme’, You need to know accurate indicator muscle testing covered in ‘Mind Body Connection I’ . Two day training covers the 12 Meredian channels , Central and Governing channels are covered in the introduction workshop.

Suitable for Home or Professional Device .

Includes pdf of course content and notes , Certificate , Lunch and refreshments .

Level 4 SCENAR

July 6th and 7th  

November 2nd and 3rd 

Cost: $650 

Level 4 SCENAR covers the following application techniques

Endocrine System Balance

Womens and Mens Health

Sacral Occipatal Release

Postural Stress release

Ileocecal  Valve Balance

TMJ Release method 

5 Element Law

Alarm Point Balance for Over Energy

Carolyn Bradley Method

Methods to Sharpen your thinking  and improve concentration and problem solving .

 Suitable for Professional Device . Prerequisite : basic level I training .

Includes pdf of course content, Certificate , Lunch and refreshments.

Quality professional training

  Trainer Anna Heiskari is an experienced practitioner, and educator in the field of interactive biofeedback  neuro-stimulation therapy. With over 30 years clinical experience in pain relief therapy, Anna has earned a reputation for outstanding results using SCENAR technology as a stand-alone treatment modality. Anna has fused Applied Kinesiology with SCENAR technology and created a powerful simple tool she wants to share with you .


What People Are Saying

I always enjoy and highly recommend Anna’s workshops . 

Leonie Mohr

Remedial Massage therapist SCENAR Practitioner

“Level 1 training provided me with an excellent foundation to commence my Scenar therapist career. The training was professionally conducted and the real life experiences shared were powerful and always on point. Anna is a wonderful teacher and brings her diverse background to the fore while providing a true, holistic learning experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to other budding Scenar professionals.”
Carolyn Bradley

Strategist, Coach, Motivationalist

I loved the day. You are such a good presenter and teacher.

Allen Simmons

Remedial Therapist, Educator at RnR Scenar and Massage .

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