Activating the Healing Programme November 2024 Cost $700

Activating the Healing Programme

The method involves using the Source points and pranayama breathing technique to lengthen and strengthen the corresponding meridian , unblocking qi/energy, where by activating a healing response, relieving pain and stiffness, increasing ROM . One or more of 9 Healing factors are used as a primary goal.

 Prerequisite Introduction to ‘Activating the Healing Programme’, You need to know accurate indicator muscle testing covered in ‘Mind Body Connection I’ . Two day training covers the 12 Meredian channels , Central and Governing channels are covered in the introduction workshop. Includes pdf of course content, suitable for Home or Professional Device

Sport Injury Training, December 2024 Cost $700

Sport Injury Training Course

Device Settings for all types of pain.

Therapy Guidelines 

Dynamic pain relief method

Tight Iliotibial band release

Hamstring & Quadriceps Injury

Spine injuries, 

Knee, ankle and foot Injury

Shoulder and Elbow Injury,

Lower Back Injury

Hip Injury & Sciatica 

5 Element Balance

Origin and Insertion Technique 

Balancing techniques .

Suitable for Professional device 

Includes Training Manual ,

SCENAR Level 4 Training, December 2024, Cost $700

SCENAR Level 4 Training

Endocrine Balance

Sacral Iliac  Joint Release.

Lymphatic Drainage.

Facial Diagnosis using TCM

Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Ileocecal  Valve Balance. 

TMJ Release method.

Stable Spine Technique 

Auricular Point therapy 

Alarm Point Balance for Over Energy

Carolyn Bradley Method Allergies.

Red Flags    

Suitable for Professional Device .

Prerequisite : Basic level I training. Includes pdf of course content.