Anna Heiskari

S.C.E.N.A.R Practitioner & Trainer, Kinesiologist &  TFH Instructor ( AKA )

Kinesiology fused with S.C.E.N.A.R technology

Assisting the body to heal itself

Effective restorative approach to pain and recovery

Restoring health &  function

 Sport Injuries

You will learn

This 2 day course provides effective complementary techniques for treatment of common Sport injuries using your professional interactive neuro-stimulation or a similar device model. This course will cover muscles and their corresponding meridians. How to isolate individual muscles and test for range of movement .You will learn balancing procedures to restore muscle function . Application techniques include:  Origin and Insertion / Golgi Tendon apparatus /Spinal Reflex points and Neuro-lymphatic reflex massage points. The new protocols are designed to help with outstanding chronic pain complaints and with acute pain relief.from injury or trauma.  Kinesiology provides outstanding results , and in combination with interactive neuro-stimulation therapy we have a dynamic tool to release physical and the emotional stress of sustaining a injury and to enhance sports performance. Prerequisite , basic A & P and good understanding of your professional device settings  

MENTORING for Students & Practitioners 

mentoring workshops

I provide support as a Clinical supervisor and  Mentor to all students of all levels of Kinesiology up to ( level 5 ) and practitioners providing pain relief therapy using interactive neuro-stimulation  . Mentoring sessions can be done over Skype or phone .









To book : phone or text  Anna on 0432612131 or email


Womens Health 

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The Womens health course covers effective techniques and treatment guidelines to help restore health and balance for some of the most common health issues and concerns experienced by women today. The course includes the primary Systems involved in self regulation , how they influence organ function, and provide emotional balance. You will also learn effective restorative techniques , for lymph drainage ,rejuvenation and repair. The Womens Health course complements treatments provided by Practitioners working in Natural Health therapies promoting Womens Health . Prerequisite : basic A&P  

Adding to your Skills  

course information

To attend this course you will need a SCENAR device or Physiokey or a similar interactive device also have a basic understanding of A & P . Submit required 6 Case studies per level,  and answer a small simple quiz at the end of each course .



With Gratitude and Thanks
I have been fortunate to be trained as a SCENAR Practitioner by Chris Mortensen and to have participated in many master classes with Russian experts in the field of SCENAR technology such as Prof Alexander Tarakanov, Dr Iosef Semikatov, Dr Irina Ershova, Dr Revenko, Dr Vladimir Lopatko, Dr Yury Perfiliev, and Dr Boris Kulizhsky head of medical research RITM OKB Russia . All who have significantly enhanced my skills and practice as a trainer with their richness and generosity of knowledge .

Anna Heiskari was born and spent her childhood growing up in the wilderness of Lapland. With a thirst for new knowledge upon arriving in Australia she qualified as a Clinical Pathologist and worked at the Royal Brisbane Hospital . Anna grew increasingly frustrated by the limits and side effects of conventional medicine and its approach to disease and pain and began exploring the world of natural medicine in the late 1970s. After seeing drastic improvements when people modified their diet and became more physically active, she changed direction focusing her studies in Natural Therapies and in Training.

Applied Kinesiology and Interactive biofeedback neuro-stimulation Therapy have become her focus as these unique modalities have proved to be profoundly effective in the relief of all types of pain and restoring health and balance of the whole body, and mind.

Anna has over 35 years of experience in Natural Therapies and is passionate about learning and sharing her knowledge.

  •  S.C.E.N.A.R Trainer , course author and presenter
  • Certified SCENAR Practitioner
  • Kinesiologist  RSKP (Level 5,  AKA )
  • Touch for Health Instructor , Clinical Supervisor & Mentor for AKA .
  • Sports Injuries
  • Women’s Health
  • Equine therapy
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Training
  • Rhythmic Movement and Reflex Integration
  • Certificate in Exercise Nutrition FIA fitNation member.
  • Specialising in the field of interactive biofeedback neuro-stimulation for pain relief and pain management .
  • On going studies ; Diploma in Sport Therapy and Bachelor in Kinesiology level 6

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