SCENAR Sport Therapy

The SCENAR device does not itself heal, what it does do is to stimulate the body to heal itself using the bodies’ own natural resources and processes by focusing the brain on specific areas of pain or problem and accelerating the recovery process.

When the device is applied to the skin, the patient will experience a tingling or prickling sensation as the signal penetrates the skin by just a fraction of a millimetre as the device loads the synapses of the patient’s nervous system. As the brain detects pain or dysfunction in the area it triggers the synapses and releases the signal from the device to the brain and the brain corresponds back to the machine. Unlike its’ distant cousin the TENS machine, the SCENAR machine generates a unique signal each time in order to keep the brains’ attention and directs, focuses and accelerates the body’s own resources and processes towards the area of pain or dysfunction.

Results have shown that increased pain relief is a significant area of prolonged improvement during and after treatment; and scientific studies in Russia on athletes such as Natalia Khrushcheleva and Julia Nosova indicated that with treatment ‘right after the training sessions promotes faster recovery and revitalizing of the body and makes it possible for sportsmen to have sports season without injuries and always be in a perfect shape’.

Since arriving in Australia, SCENAR Therapy has been endorsed by a range of athletes including Layne Beachley, Craig Goozee, Barry Golding, Nathan & Jason Cayless and credited with aiding their recovery: their testimonials are available on the testimonials tab above

Whether you are just getting fit for the new year, preparing for sporting events, or need a quicker recovery for work from injury, SCENAR Therapy could just be the edge you need.