One day Equine Workshop

Will be held in Uki NSW on Saturday September 8th. The Horse Farm is located 40 minutes north of Byron Bay . Over night Accomodation is available and bookings are essential . This is a practical hands on training seminar . We will have plenty of time to practice all techniques . Further details are available upon booking : Cost $250 . Light refreshments are included . Anna Heiskari : 0432612131

Equine SCENAR therapy

Effective treatment for pain and recovery

Equine therapy Workshop : September 8th ( 8.30 am to 4 pm ) 

Benefits of Equine therapy

Exercise causes strain on the physical structures of the horse, whether your horse works regularly, irregularly, goes for a quiet wander or works hard, their ability to perform, and recover will be enhanced by the application of SCENAR therapy Your horse will appreciate the personal attention, the physical feeling following the treatment session of being free from tension and discomfort, all combining to assist your horse in both mental and physical performance

SCENAR therapy can help

SCENAR therapy can help to correct any acute and chronic problems your horse may have. It is also a great way to prevent such issues from developing. As with other forms of treatment, there are no guarantees although these are some of the conditions our clients have told us SCENAR therapy has helped their horses with: • Allergies • Behavioural problems • Intermittent lameness • Irregular action • Lymphatic system or weakened immune system • Muscle atrophy from badly fitting saddles • New injuries • Old injuries • Respiratory problems • Soreness in the back • Stiffness, from old age

You will learn

You will learn

Equine SCENAR therapy covers techniques using massage , reflex zones and acupuncture meridians that will stimulate all the body’s systems to stay in working order, such as helping the body’s natural immune system to repair or similarly, assisting the lymphatic system and pathways of elimination , which could be be affected in such circumstances by a build up of toxins, due to lack of movement.


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