Applied Kinesiology using S.C.E.N.A.R 

Training dates 2018 

Level 1 Training

March 16th & 17th 

June 1st & 2nd 

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 Hands on practiceThe 2 day course is designed for you to learn the correct method and skills required for application of your SCENAR , PhysioKey or similar biofeedback device on Neuro-Vascular and Neuro-Lymphatic points. Level 1 training is complimentary to use in combination with your chosen modality /therapy of practice . You will be guided and supported in a relaxed atmosphere as you learn the treatment protocols and gain confidence in practice application . You will learn musculoskeletal  pain relief methods used in combination with Applied Kinesiology. Neuro-reflex points treatment protocols for relief of nerve pain and physiological imbalance and dysfunction. Cost : $750 , includes manual and Certificate  .

Level 2 Training

April 13th & 14th 

June 29th & 30th  

You will learn

Level 2 Training provides a more in depth understanding, covering the Adaptive System ,Function , Reflex-Biofeedback,  Self-Regulation and Herring’s Law & The Healing Reaction . You will learn advanced protocols and practical application skills to  improve the effectiveness in providing the best outcome for clients who present with difficult and complex conditions. Adaptive reaction requires energy, and in this course you will learn Therapeutic speeding up techniques and methods to stimulate a specific response from the Autonomic Nervous System for symptoms/complaints accompanying prolonged stress and exhaustion.This course is advanced and you will learn skills from Applied Kinesiology; application and  device settings on neuro-emotional reflex points and corresponding meridians . Cost $750 includes manual and Certificate .

Sports Injuries

April 7th & 8th  

May 5th & 6th  

This 2 day course covers

This course will cover 14 muscles and their corresponding meridians. How to isolate individual muscles to test for range of movement .You will learn techniques and balancing procedures to restore muscle function using your interactive neuroscience-stimulation or similar device. Application techniques include : Origin and Insertion / Golgi Tendon apparatus /Spinal Reflex points and Neuro-lymphatic reflex points. The new protocols are designed to help with pain management and recovery from injury or trauma.These correction techniques are used in Applied Kinesiology to relieve physical pain and emotional stress and to enhance sports performance. It is important to note that Sport injuries treatment methods can be applied not only to professional competitive active sportsmen & women , but for people of all ages and levels of fitness training. Processes that aid recovery and restore function are the same for all of us . Prerequisite : basic A & P, and good understanding of your professional SCENAR / Physiokey or similar bio-feedback device. Cost $750 includes manual and Certificate  .

SCENAR Byron Bay Training

SCENAR Byron Bay will be offering regular training seminars to enhance practical skills in the use of your professional device and one day Workshops using SCENAR or similar  personal home device .Trainer Anna Heiskari is an experienced practitioner, and educator in the field of biofeedback-controlled non-invasive neuro-stimulation therapy. With over 30 years clinical experience in pain relief and pain management therapy, Anna has earned an reputation for outstanding results using Neuro-stimulation therapy as a stand-alone treatment modality.The professional training is aimed at medical professionals and complementary therapists providing pain management and rehabilitation:Physiotherapists; pain nurses; occupational therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, kinesiologists ,naturopaths, sport massage therapists, Sport trainers .The 2 day training seminars are designed ; allowing for plenty of time with practice  and experience using methods  . Providing you with confidence and skill using your SCENAR  or similar like device to gain the best therapeutic outcomes for your clients.  All Training courses include ; Manual and Certificate upon completion : Healthy snacks, tea & H2O provided . 

Cost : $750  

Womens Health

April 28th & 29th

July 7th & 8th  


Professional 2 day training starts 8.30 am to 4.30 pm both days. Includes manual and Certificate. You will need a SCENAR , Physiokey or similar professional interactive biofeedback device 

Please contact Anna for further information on any of the courses and workshops , and questions regarding suitability and the settings of your professional or home device.

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