Applied Kinesiology using S.C.E.N.A.R 

Training dates 2018 

Level 1 Training 

August 11th & 12th

October 6th & 7th   

Level 2 Training  

June 23rd & 24th

September 15th & 16th

November 17th & 18th    

Sports Injuries

July 28th & 29th

October 20th & 21st

November 24th & 25th   

Cost : $750  

Womens Health

July 7th & 8th

September 29th & 30th   


Professional 2 day training starts 8.30 am to 4.30 pm both days. Includes manual and Certificate. You will need a SCENAR , Physiokey or similar professional interactive biofeedback device 

Please contact Anna for further information on any of the courses and workshops , and questions regarding suitability and the settings of your professional or home device.

Bookings and Enquires.

 Anna Heiskari  

SCENAR Byron Bay tel. 02 66854590 / mobile: 0432612131

Email:   /