Practical Workshops 2018

Advanced one day workshops 2018 to 2019 

Very much hands on practical workshops learning new skills on how to get the most out your device. Suitable for both professional practitioners and those who own a Home device ( SCENAR ,DENAR ,  ENAR , PhysioKey or similar neuro- stimulation device). We will cover treatment applications for all types of pain, methods using acupuncture meridians  and neuro reflex points to assist and speed recovery for generalised chronic painful complaints as well as for injury or trauma . If you require further information, please contact Anna Heiskari : 0432612131

September 22nd : Balancing the Nervous System , Healing the spine.  PLUS showing the documentary ‘ HEAL ‘ .You will need a professional device to attend this advanced training Workshop

November 3rdMind Body Connection ; You will learn accurate indicator muscle testing, and correction techniques using SCENAR therapy .( more information below )

November 4th :Pain relief for the aged : You will learn effective rapid pain relief techniques for common conditions affecting the aged , Workshop covers device settings and guidelines , and therapy methods using Conductive gloves .Plus method for relief of Occipital neuralgia.  Guest speaker, Tess Heiskari ( BaSc.) Nutrition in caring for the aged..

November 10th: SCENAR therapy for Horses ;One day workshop “Seahorses Byron Bay “(see details below)Cost $300 includes Manual , Certificate,  Seahorses will provide the horses to practice on.

December 1st : Happy Healthy Dogs Workshop. ( more information below )

December 2nd  : Mind Body Connection,

Healing pain

SCENAR therapy application for chronic pain, combined with Kinesiology techniques for emotional pain release.  The methods are based on Dr Sarno’s works. Dr Sarno believed you unconsciously cause your own pain , the pain you’re experiencing is your brain’s response to undressed stress, emotions, of anger, fear and rage we unconsciously create our pain .

January 5th 2019 : Pain relief for the aged.

January 6th : Balancing the Nervous System , Healing the spine

February 23rd : Mind Body Connection 

February 24th : Balancing the Nervous System , Healing the Spine  

Cost: $200 : One day workshop ( 8.30 am to 4pm ) Morning tea, light refreshments & practical pdf notes are provided.

Bookings Ph : 02 66854590 or 0432612131 or email;

SCENAR Byron Bay :  73 Caniaba Crescent Suffolk Park . Byron Bay . NSW 

Melbourne 2 day ‘Workshop’ October 27th & 28th

Melbourne Advanced Workshop

27th October : “Heal the Spine, Healing you ” is an advanced training Workshop using application techniques on Spinal reflex points to improve and correct posture and balance. Methods for the relief of Chronic & acute back pain due to injury, spinal deformities and trauma. 28th October : “SCENAR Caring for the aged ” Focus of this workshop is on health conditions that affect the aged . You will learn new skills and methods in providing pain relief , improve flexibility, co-ordination and balance. Anyone with a Home device can attend , also recommended for SCENAR therapists with a professional device .Further information regarding the Venue will be announced soon . Cost of attending both Workshops is $600 , Cost of attending one Workshop is $350. All enquires and bookings tel: 02 66854590 SCENAR Byron Bay .

November 10th :SCENAR therapy for Horses Workshop” in Byron Bay NSW

Equine Therapy

Will be held at Seahorses Byron Bay on Saturday November 10th . Seahorses is located in Byron Bay. This is a practical hands on training seminar. Suitable for both home or the professional device We will have plenty of time to practice the techniques on the horses . Provided by Jo-Ann the owner of Seahorses.  Further details are available upon booking : Cost $300. Workshop includes Manual , Certificate and Light refreshments are included. Bookings contact Anna Heiskari : 0432612131 . BENEFITS of SCENAR Equine therapy:  Exercise causes strain on the physical structures of the horse, whether your horse works regularly, irregularly, goes for a quiet wander or works hard, their ability to perform, and recover will be enhanced by the application of SCENAR therapy Your horse will appreciate the personal attention, the physical feeling following the treatment session of being free from tension and discomfort, all combining to assist your horse in both mental and physical performance

December 1st Happy Healthy Dogs Workshop 


Anna is pedigree dog breeder and trainer, passionate about passing on her skills and experience . ‘Happy Healthy Dogs’ is a one day workshop in providing you with effective application methods for Canine pain relief, recovery from surgery, injury, and trauma . Discover new skills to maintain health and wellbeing of your best friend . All you need is a home device , no other prerequisites are required. Workshop is held at SCENAR Byron Bay .My fur kids Mimi and Picasso will be your volunteer patients to practice on . Cost $200

Personal Home-Device WorkshopAnna provides a relaxed informal hands-on introductory training sessions to help you understand and effectively use your personal neuro-stimulation bio feedback device with confidence both for yourself, your family and friends.The 4-hour Personal Device Training Workshop provides you with skills and confidence to achieve optimum results using your device for everyday niggling pains and aches.
You will learn recommended device settings, and application techniques for local pain. 
Understand the basic guidelines of use and learn new restorative techniques  

December 8th : Joint pain 

Cost ; $120 morning tea, and practical notes are provided , start ( 9 am to 1 pm )