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S.C.E.N.A.R Professional Training in Beautiful Byron Bay

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Sport Injury 2 day course       7th & 8th April 2018

Sport Injuries

The 2 day Sports Injury course provides skills and effective methods for acute pain relief and rapid recovery from injury or trauma .Suitable for any level practitioner,  experienced in the use of a professional interactive biofeedback device. You will learn muscle testing and how to strengthen a weak muscle. Muscles are related to Acupuncture meridians, Organs, Glands, and System functions.Using these basic principles we can apply additional therapeutic techniques to alleviate pain , restore and strengthen muscle function Understanding the relations of the muscles and the meridians, with a good knowledge of  posture and gait provides a deeper insight into the persons health and wellbeing. For further information click on Training .

Professional training workshops 2018 

SCENAR Byron Bay offers

Professional training for medical and allied health practitioners. Learning a unique advanced pain relief technology to relieve and manage pain,and support recovery from injury and trauma. You will learn new skills that compliment your chosen modality, providing your clients with a non-invasive alternative to pain medication that gives fast, effective and sustained pain relief for all types of pain .Research supports neuro-stimulation speeds  recovery time for postoperative and sports injury pain. You will need a Professional SCENAR or similar bio feedback device for this course .



















Non-invasive drug free therapy

for all types of pain

Pain can affect every aspect of our lives. Prolonged pain can lead to fatigue, emotional distress and lowering of the immune response,  in addition physical discomfort and quality of sleep. The causes of pain can vary widely, and although most people with chronic pain share   common symptoms, every person living with pain has their own personal story and their recovery journey back to health . Interactive Neuro-stimulation therapy is holistic , as in all forms of natural health the objective is to assist the body to heal itself .

June17th ,  Byron Bay   

Holistic therapy for dogs

One day workshop learning effective methods and techniques for relief of pain related to injury , trauma and common chronic complaints affecting dogs. You will need a  home device, the ENAR or similar that allows you to use setting of 15Hz or less. Decreased movement restrictions due to inflammation,tight muscles and tendons can have a profound affect on your dogs quality of life. Most dogs endure pain silently putting up a happy front for their owners . In this on day course you will learn skills to provide drug free non-invasive treatments for your dog at home . CLICK image for further information

Equine therapy

Workshop coming soon

Anna will be offering one day Equine therapy workshops in the Northern Rivers area, commencing in December , date to be announced . You will need a home or similar biofeedback device to do this training as all methods involve the use of your device The one day workshops will be held on a property with horses for you to practice on. Further information and course details available follow link

Power to manage pain

assisting recovery

interactive neuro-stimulation therapy  is effective in reducing pain , inflammation and swelling , and in reducing muscular cramps and spasm resulting in improved function and flexibility..

Anna Heiskari

Received award for “The most successful trainer 2016” at the 2017 International SCENAR conference , by RITM OKB Russia and RITM Australia .