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S.C.E.N.A.R Professional Training in Beautiful Byron Bay

Our next ‘ Practical Workshop‘ is on: June 9th.Click for further details 

September 2nd “One day professional training Mackay”

Womens Health

One day professional workshop will be held in Mackay QLD on Sunday 2nd September . The venue is yet to be announced . Please contact Anna at SCENAR Byron Bay for further details .

Sport Injury 2 day course       

Sport Injuries

The 2 day Sports Injury course provides skills and effective methods for acute pain relief and rapid recovery from injury or trauma .Suitable for any level practitioner,  experienced in the use of a professional interactive biofeedback device. You will learn muscle testing and how to strengthen a weak muscle. Muscles are related to Acupuncture meridians, Organs, Glands, and System functions.Using these basic principles we can apply additional therapeutic techniques to alleviate pain , restore and strengthen muscle function Understanding the relations of the muscles and the meridians, with a good knowledge of  posture and gait provides a deeper insight into the persons health and wellbeing. For further information click on Training .

Professional training workshops 2018 

SCENAR Byron Bay offers

Professional training for medical and allied health practitioners. Learning a unique advanced pain relief technology to relieve and manage pain,and support recovery from injury and trauma. You will learn new skills that compliment your chosen modality, providing your clients with a non-invasive alternative to pain medication that gives fast, effective and sustained pain relief for all types of pain .Research supports neuro-stimulation speeds  recovery time for postoperative and sports injury pain. You will need a Professional SCENAR or similar bio feedback device for this course .



















Holistic pain relief therapy


June17th ,  Byron Bay   

Holistic therapy for dogs

Equine therapy

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Speed recovery from injury

SCENAR therapy is drug free effective pain relief for all types of pain , swelling and inflammation. Restoring function and range in movement. Non invasive and complimentary with other forms of therapy assists and speeding recovery from physical injury and trauma .



Anna Heiskari

Received award for “The most successful trainer 2016” at the 2017 International SCENAR conference , by RITM OKB Russia and RITM Australia .